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The Korean study abroad loan program is the most useful method to help international students have the opportunity to realize their dreams if they do not have enough funding. Here are 3 reputable banks that support the program for Vietnamese students and students. Invite you and the Korean study abroad consulting company in Da Nang to track to find out more. VIBL's Study Abroad Loan Program is a reputable bank, with many good offers on interest rates for borrowers and extended loan terms. You can choose VIB's study abroad loan program as follows:

    Lending interest rate: 8.2% / year.
    Value and duration of the loan: You can borrow 100% of the tuition fee, living expenses when studying abroad in Korea and the loan period lasts up to 10 years.
    Loan conditions: You are Vietnamese, a relative of an international student from 18 to not over 70 years old at the time of loan maturity.
    Mortgaged property: Real estate red book, pink book, 4 wheel vehicle or more and valuable papers.

2. Techcombank's study abroad loan program Also received many reviews and good feedback from customers, the Techcombank's overseas study abroad loan program has been implemented very smoothly. The specific program is:

    Lending interest rate: 10.99% / year
    Value and financial proof: 85% of the total cost of the course, or up to 95% of the need for financial proof.
    Loan period: Minimum 3 months and maximum 120 months
    Loan conditions: Vietnamese citizens who do not have bad loans at banks or other lending organizations at the time of student loan. On the other hand, it is possible to only have collateral for the loan such as pledged assets, valuable papers, ... with a minimum capital of 30% of the total tuition fee, living expenses when studying in Korea Quoc. Or at least 10% of the total capital demand for cases of borrowing capital for the purpose of financial proof.

3 .. Sacombank's study abroad loan program: Linked to Korean study abroad consulting companies nationwide, so when you have a need to study abroad, it will be delivered to you in time. and fast. Specifically:

    Loan interest rate: competing with other banks.
    Maximum loan amount: 100% of living expenses and all tuition fees.
    Loan period: up to 10 years.
    Secured assets borrowed for studying abroad: Real estate, pink book, cars with less than 9 seats, Savings card, Deposit balance, Valuable papers.

4. Note when choosing a student loan product

When you want to study abroad but have limited and difficult financial conditions, the bank will be a timely solution of many families. However, you and your parents need to understand carefully and clearly the Korean student loan programs. This will help avoid unfortunate and unfortunate risks after borrowing. Pay special attention to the interest rate and loan period, these are two important things that the family must not ignore. Many programs have low interest rates but the loan period will be short, causing repayment pressure to increase and stress. Therefore, choose a bank with a long loan period, suitable interest rates, so that the graduates can find jobs enough to pay off the debt. At the same time, pay attention and read carefully the terms attached to the loan contract, to avoid violating these contents. Once you make a mistake against the contract, your family may be fined, raise interest rates, shorten the loan period and make it worse than even lose your property when studying abroad. challenge. Hopefully, with the information about the Korean student loan program we have just shared above, will help readers and parents find a reliable bank. You should visit banks directly, to learn more about these programs and to consider choosing to send the correct faith. I wish you quickly achieve your dreams

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