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por Tessa Hudson (2020-06-08)


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What is the exact value of a high school diploma which wasn't earned but merely obtained through social promotion? There was no social promotion policy when I went to college, and I think there still isn't. When I worked for the federal government, I received my final promotion at about the time the affirmative action policy was instituted. The federal government's policy of promoting political correctness has not made everyone a winner. What is one of the failures of political correctness? I actually bought a 40 dollar can of spray tan one time and tried it on my leg. But if you think you can just sit and watch TV naked and expect thousands of tippers, then this business is not for you. You don't have to watch what you say nearly as much if you are a black man. When they go to work in the real world, they will have to accept responsibility for their work or be fired.

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