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Political Strategist Advice

por Leoma Polen (2020-06-09)

What does a think tank really do? Well, for a think tank which operates on the net, sort of an online style think tank, we talk a whole lot about strategy - the best way to plan properly to avoid potential future calamities in our civilization and society. In the end, it's one thing to possess a answer to a problem, and it's quite another to employ that solution only to locate it leads to the law of unintended consequences and creates yet another challenge which is worse than the prior.

Not in the past, I was discussing this having an acquaintance of mine who's thinking about joining a think tank, and he was very much into the dialogue of strategic thinking, and finding ways and strategies to fix all of the problems that ails mankind; everything from getting innovation to market, to feeding the homeless, to saving the planet from human CO2 and climate change.

Indeed, it appears that everyone wishes to speak about strategy on a regular basis, as should they have a plan to move the ball down the field faster against an opponent, the bureaucracy, the guidelines and regulations, or possibly a competitor. It could possibly be in politics, sports, a board game at home, as well as a business. There is a military strategy, corporate strategy, political strategist strategy, negotiation strategy, dating strategies, and even diplomacy strategies.

Eventually you will need to ask yourself is strategy really a manipulation of a system to acquire more for doing less? As well as in doing so simply how much is actually ethical? Actually, often there is no or little ethics in military strategy, the goal is to win and also by all necessary means. Yes, there is the Geneva Convention, but is war really ethical, seems like an oxymoron. In competitive games for example sports, or cards the goal is obviously also to win, and yet in doing so strategy often involves deception, thus, what happened to ethics?

Sun Tzu, Karl von Clausewitz, or maybe Colonel Boyd would agree that deception is a tactical strategy that may work quite well. In football you use various plays and strategies to move the ball down the field to score, the exact same in soccer, and basketball. In hockey the only difference is you are playing with a puck, see that point.

Various species use different strategies to hunt, survive, and evade predators. If a person is really serious about studying strategy they need to discover and research all sorts of strategies within different industries and areas of human endeavor. When someone were to look-at this from a philosophical standpoint she or he would readily see, that finally it's all the same.