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5 Supposedly Fun Activities Nobody Actually Enjoys Part 2

por Ambrose Middleton (2021-01-30)

Let Them Se You Shine

First and foremost, when it comes to having an intimate relationship, one must be comfortable with oneself.

If you hate being alone, it usually has something to do with not liking who you are.

If you don't like/love yourself, how can you expect someone else to? A lover, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever should compliment you, converse skor dam rather than complete you.

If your only goal in life seems to be to find a significant other, because you don't feel whole, than it is more than likely that you will use that person as an escape from you and your reality.

Work on getting to know yourself and the traits that you find you are proud of.

Those are the traits that others will be drawn to. ask your friends (your real friends) and your family to honestly tell you (no holds barred) what they find so endearing about you.

Compare their answers to your own and see if they match.

If they don't, take a close look at what they see.

Decide what you love about yourself; take those traits and play them up. If you are a woman and have mesmerizing, sexy eyes, make them pop.

Most men don't go for the whole "made up" look, but a small amount in the right colors, strategically placed, will give your eyes that "come hither" look.

Your eyes play a huge role in flirting.

If you use face make up, use as little as possible, while still covering up any problem areas you might have.

When it comes to blush, just a tad, to give you a natural sun kissed glow.

Lipstick and gloss should be close to your natural lip color converse skor dam and not match your fire engine red shoes.

One's mouth is a flirting mecca.

Remember, if the relationship becomes serious, that new man in you life is going to see you sans make up, and you don't want it to be a shocker when your face is naked.

I remember I once had this boyfriend that I wanted to look great for all the time.

When the relationship advanced to the point where he was spending the night with me, I used to slip quietly out of bed, very early in the morning and apply a little bit of make up (I hadn't taken it off from the night before), and run a little water through my hair (mine is naturally curly and there is no waking up with day ready hair) and climb back into bed.

I don't know how I kidded myself into thinking he believed I woke up every morning looking so damn good.