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as it happened March 25

por Ambrose Middleton (2021-10-11)

Writer and translator

moda_tendencias_voguees_419988106.jpgThe value of diversity within our society. It's a shame that differences get accentuated, and that we judge each other by the colour of their skin or their wealth rather than appreciate our differences and use them in a positive way.

The most surprising thing that happened to me was.

Living through the war. I was faced with extreme violence and converse ประเทศไทย hatred. But I also saw that in extreme circumstances there is such humanity. The sounds of conflict will never leave me, of war and converse chuck taylor bombs and shells and snipers. [It is surprising] how your life can get reduced into smaller and smaller traces of human existence. At one point I was going to school and loving Madonna and then in a second, walking around in scraps of clothes looking for chaussures converse all star pas cher water.

A common misperception of me is.

That I exist in a book like I'm a fictional character and converse ประเทศไทย am eternally 11.

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